I’m green — but not with envy

It’s amazing what the color green can do for me. And I don’t mean the color of cash! I haven’t got enough of that by which to be amazed.

For me, of all the wonderful colors the Good Lord has created, it’s green that grounds me most. Green is nature, green is calm, green can compare and contrast seemlessly with any of the other hues on, well, God’s good green earth.

In the winter, amid the snow, sleet, slush and freezing temperatures, it’s the presence of green, nature’s green, that keeps things in perspective — there is life somewhere under that blanket of white stuff.

For the past dozen years, my deck has been a sanctuary — mostly during the spring, summer and fall. But last year I elected to include an evergreen on my outside living room to celebrate the Christmas season (see photo).


Maybe it was just psychological or just being psycho, but it took the sting out of a pretty nasty winter.

This spring (see other photo), our plants are in full bloom and that can’t help but raise the spirits.

We’ve added an array of potted plants, flowers and vegetables on the deck as well, and it’s the place at home I most look forward to spending time when life provides me with down time.

There are birds, bees, butterflies, and some pretty funky-looking insects sharing my deck time, but I don’t mind at all. I can’t wait for the humming birds to make their return.

Even during those days when the sun can’t fight its way past the cloud cover, green can draw the eyes downward instead of up into the dark, gray clouds.

I went golfing last week on a day when only golfers would. It was raw and overcast with the constant threat of a rain storm in the air.

But that didn’t concern me. Strolling the lush, green course provided an afternoon of relaxation and peace — even if the game of golf is conducive to neither.

This spring, unbelievably, is nearly over, with less than a month to go until summer. But the greens of spring will hang on until they’re covered with next winter’s snowfall.

I’m not concerned, though. Even if winter creeps up on us faster than we’ll expect, and it will, I’ll take solace with the plethora of inside plants at the Jolivet residence, and there’s no question there’ll be another evergreen on the deck this winter. The only question is, will I leave it there until next spring — and will the neighbors mind?

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