God posted on my wall today, but He does every day 

God posted on my Facebook wall this morning at 3:30 a.m. Usually, I shut off the sound on my smart phone during the nighttime hours because that seems to be the prime time for advertisers to spew their spam (and I love Spam, but not spam, if you get my drift).

But God’s alerts know no boundaries. He posted the sound of birds, seemingly scores of them, chattering in anticipation of the approaching sunrise that would occur at 5:12 a.m. that day. But we all know that the darkness of the nighttime sky loses its oomph much before official sunrise.

Anyway, the birds were in full voice, and since I now sleep with the window open, I was totally engulfed in the concerto. I “Liked” the post.

God next posted on my wall when I arose two-and-a-half hours after His first post. He posted a picture of Igor still half asleep beside my bed, with her tail wagging at half speed in hopes of a belly rub. She got one that transformed the half-hearted tail-wag into helicopter mode. I “Liked” the post.

God posted again when I turned on the shower and felt the soothing hot water pelting my face, bringing me out of my half sleep. If I had a tail, it would have been in helicopter mode. I “Liked” the post.

God’s next post was when I was in my car on the way to work. I know we’re not supposed to be distracted by our smart phones while driving, but God’s posts, as I mentioned earlier, know no boundaries. A good Samaritan in another vehicle waved me through an intersection; not only that, but did so with a smile. What? People don’t do that. But this one did. I “Liked” the post.

My office was the location of God’s next post. I don’t make coffee in the morning when I’m home. I tell my family it’s because I don’t want to wake them, but it’s really because I’m too lazy.

When I arrived about 6:30 a.m., I was greeted with the aroma of brewing coffee, and a smile from Mary Chase, which is an everyday occurrence (as opposed to the driver’s smile a bit earlier). The java was ready and hot, and that first gulp was a delight. I “Liked” the post.

The next post from the Good Lord was almost a rerun of the 3:30 a.m. encounter. I opened the window in my office to let in the fresh air and the pollen. I tried to delete the pollen, but that didn’t work. Almost immediately, I was serenaded by other birds. I know some people are annoyed with the chirp-chirp-chirping of our feathered friends, but God knows that’s music to my ears. My text alert is a chirping bird, and my phone ring is the sound of sea gulls and waves crashing on the beach. In fact, just yesterday, I was taking a walk at lunch time through a nearby park. The sun was shining and the grass was plush. I then heard the sound of sea gulls and thought to myself what a beautiful scene — until I heard waves crashing. Waves don’t crash on President Avenue in Fall River. It was my cell phone ringing. Oooops.

But I digress — I enjoyed the birds keeping me company  that day. I “Liked” the post.

It’s still early in the day as I put together this column, but I keep getting alerts of posts from God, and if today is anything like every other day, He’ll keep sending quaint little posts, just to let me know He’s around. And hopefully, I’ll be grateful and aware enough to realize that and continue to “Like” them.

If not, He may “poke” me or better yet, give me a wallop upside the head to gain my attention. 

I think God’s into Facebook, and He really likes it when we “Like” it.

Dave Jolivet can be reached at davejolivet@anchornews.org.
Who knows, he may “Like” it.

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