You’re doing good!

It happens every once in while. And when it does, it feels like it happens way too often.

The “it” of which I speak refers to that time in my life when I’m swimming against the tide ... and the tide wins.

Not to wax too philosophically, but to me, life is a constant swim, more often than not, against the tide. But also more often than not, I have the ability — the arm strength, the leg kick, the breath, and the stamina to not only swim against the tide, but actually make headway.

Yet, despite my best efforts, sometimes “it” happens. The nasty tide becomes an overwhelming current. The arms burn, the legs lose their kick, the breath runs out, and the stamina ebbs and I find myself riding that current to wherever it’s going, all the while fighting to keep my head above water.

I wish the current led to a tropical island with warm sandy beaches, but that has yet to happen in my more than half a century on earth. No, the current usually leads to a place that’s cold and dark and scary.

Not wanting to use all of you as my personal psychiatrists, I’ll take a more casual approach and utilize Lucy’s shrink couch from Charles Schulz’s “Charlie Brown.” There the doctor “is always in,” so I’ll plop down my nickle and vent.

Lately I’ve been riding that nasty current without putting up much of a fight. As much as Jesus instructs, “Be not afraid,” and “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own,” I still am and I still do.

Sometimes the worries about family, friends, work and the future get the upper hand.

Sometimes looking at the world can leave one’s head spinning faster than the planet is rotating on its axis — the spread of Ebola, mystery viruses taking small ones away, shootings, beheadings, the ever-increasing refugee populations, and crooked politicians and policies are rampant.

Plus coming off watching a “Criminal Minds” marathon didn’t help.

I could recently sense the muscles seizing and the tide rushing about me.

But the Almighty has a way of throwing out a lifeline — often when and where you least expect it. Knowing this weakling was feeling overwhelmed, the Good Lord put a TV remote in my hand and prompted me to go surfing. I guess it’s ironic that I was being swept away by the tide and He sent me surfing!

Looking for something to take my mind off things, I hopped aboard the remote and started surfing. It didn’t take long before I landed on the conclusion of one of my all-time favorite movies, “Evan Almighty.”

The scene was God telling Evan, a modern day Noah, “You did good,” and together they did the “happy dance.”

This movie always, and I mean always, shows me a God Who is kind, humorous, compassionate, and patient.

I needed to see that again, and God, through Morgan Freeman and Steve Carell, resurrected that hope, that faith, and that optimism that “I’m doing good,” and deserve to do the “happy dance” once in a while myself.

Three short minutes changed my attitude, brought back the strength in my arms, the kick in my legs, the breath in my lungs and the stamina to start the swim all over again.

To all of you losing the swim against the tide right now, remember, “You’re doing good!” Take a minute and do a happy dance. You deserve it, and I’ll meet you back in the water.

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