No one could do a thing about it

This October has provided quite a few days that were more summer-like than autumn. Not wanting to waste such gifts, Denise, Emilie, Igor and I like to take advantage of those times by extending our deck time as far into the year as possible.

Last Saturday, I had the afternoon to myself and following the completion of a few chores, I planned on settling into an afternoon (into the evening) day of watching one of my favorite things: college football. That’s usually just a precursor to the next day when I spend the afternoon (into the late night) watching another of my favorite things: pro football.

But last Saturday was one of those anti-autumn days and Igor and I opted to spend the afternoon on the deck.

I hooked up my Bluetooth speaker to listen to my favorite all-time artist, the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan, for a few hours of sweet Blues music.

The day was spectacular. After an hour or so a cloud bank started to roll past in the deep blue sky above me. I don’t know why, but I watched the approaching formation as it slowly drifted above.

Shortly after, in the middle of the formation appeared a break in the clouds allowing the sun to brighten up some of the areas of the billowy bunch.

As I watched, a cross formed in the clouds. I quickly grabbed my phone and snapped a picture. The image only lasted about five seconds, but it was one of those instances I mentioned in my last column of God subtlety telling me, “Hey, I’m here,” and using one of His children’s (Bob Marley) lyrics, “Every little thing’s going to be alright.”

cross cloud.gif

I immediately posted the photo on Facebook and just as quickly started getting “likes” on it.

As I continued to watch the cloud bank heading eastward, I also started to think (it happens).

There, up in the heavens, the Almighty sent me, and through the photo, others as well, a little reminder He’s always there for us — and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

The leader of our country couldn’t send Air Force One into the clouds to disrupt the image.

The state legislature couldn’t file a bill disallowing such cloud formations to occur over the Commonwealth’s skies.

A group looking out for Americans’ “civil liberties” couldn’t sue the meteorological society for allowing a religious image to appear in the heavens.

ISIS couldn’t fire a surface-to-air missile into the formation hoping to obliterate the reminder of Christ’s Sacrifice for all mankind, including them.

The highest court in the land couldn’t be asked to make judgment on whether the cloud formation was constitutional or not.

I know that across this great country, and across the world, there are people, organizations and governments that want to squelch the existence of God into oblivion. In many instances these sad souls accomplish their objectives using the methods that are available to them.

However, what we should all keep in mind is that they will never completely attain the goal. They will never stop God from showing His glorious Face whenever and wherever He so chooses.

There are times when we can become frustrated, and worse, some lose their homes or lives because of evil people, but evil will never prevail.

God can choose to give us a boost in the face of a newborn, in the embrace of a loved one, in the wag of a dog’s tail, in the quiet of a holy chapel, in the witness of a retreat team member, or even in a cloud formation or stumbling upon a scene from “Evan Almighty” on TV.

Despite the times that I, and likely others as well, feel that God is nowhere to be found, He is there — waiting to for us to find Him. It’s not a game of “Where’s Waldo,” it’s just a matter of faith.

Last Saturday I was on the deck with my dog, simply digging some fine Blues and some fine weather when God made an appearance — for me. And if He does it for me, He does it for everyone.

Keep the faith despite, and in spite of, those who try to take it away. It’s OK to keep your head in the clouds, because sometimes God is there too.

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