I got this

It wasn’t as frenetic a scene as played out on television — at least it wasn’t for me.

When Denise went into labor for the first time, there was no boiling of water, gnashing of teeth, a frantic search for car keys, or a call to the doctor.

We simply loaded her pre-packed suitcase in the car and made the drive to then-Truesdale Hospital in Fall River.

I’m not saying there wasn’t a massive case of nerves going on inside, but there was no panic. “I got this,” was my general demeanor.

Why should there be? We were a 10-minute ride from a safe, warm, clean hospital where everyone knew exactly what to do.

All we had to do (except for Denise enduring the labor pains, so I really shouldn’t say “all”) was wait for the unexpected — the birth of our first child; what sex would it be? Would it be healthy? How will our lives change now? (Let me count the ways!)

It was pretty much the same for all four of our pups.

But as Christmas Eve and Day approach, I can’t help but think of good old St. Joseph when his beloved Mary went into labor, and they didn’t even have a place to bunk down, let alone reach a hospital (which was non-existent then anyway).

I can’t imagine the step-father of our Lord and Savior slipping into a Hollywood panic. I picture one of my favorite saints (Joseph is my Guardian Angel’s name, my youngest son’s middle name, and my dad’s as well) being proactive, confident (on the outside) and taking charge saying, “I got this.”

He had the wherewithal to find a vacant manger or stable or cave with which to set up camp.

He did find a place for our Blessed Mother to give birth to the greatest Human Being ever born. He did keep them safe and warm.

But I can’t imagine the inner turmoil, worrying about messing things up — with the Son of God, of all People!

Yet, he didn’t mess things up. He lovingly cared for his wife and Child, no doubt with great sacrifice to his own comfort and well-being.

And another thing to remember is the Nativity scene we see in homes and on lawns and in churches, wasn’t a one-time thing. After Christmas day, there was no director yelling, “Cut, that’s a wrap.”

Nope, the Holy Family had to stay in conditions that not many of us will ever endure, until mother and Child were ready to move on according to what Scripture had in store for them. And it was Joseph who made sure his holy peeps had what they needed and kept them as warm and comfortable as possible.

What a great daddy and husband. What a great role model. What a humble, underrated (in my opinion) saint.

St. Joseph is one of my heroes.

I’ve tried to be the best daddy I could to my pups, but I’m so thankful that my circumstances were nowhere near Joseph’s. If they were, I wonder if I could have confidently said, “I got this.”

I wish the blessings of the Holy Family this Christmas to all you wonderful folks who read my column week after week.

Dave Jolivet can be contacted at davejolivet@anchornews.org.

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