I guess our treasure lies in the size and weight of a football

It’s amazing how little time New England Patriots’ fans had to relish in winning the American Football Conference championship and a trip to the Super Bowl this coming Sunday.

It was like one night! Then deflategate took over the airwaves and, once again, the Patriots were guilty of cheating, and by association, so was the rest of Patriots Nation.

All this while nothing was proven. There is indeed no more innocent until proven guilty in this country. The media, and those who “believe” in whatever slant is provided by their news  source of choice, take care of that for us now.

At first I was a bit disturbed that this Super Bowl appearance was tainted before it even got off the ground.

But what became more disturbing was the publicity it was garnering in all areas of the media.

It didn’t’ take long  before I began to really take notice just how sad this country is.

People all over the U.S., and the world for that matter, have worked themselves into a lather over this. And we still don’t know if anyone was guilty of anything.

There isn’t a news outlet or sports station, on TV or radio that hasn’t devoted incredible amounts of air time on the pounds per square inch of a football.

One simply cannot escape the onslaught of accusations and innuendos this “scandal” has caused.

We have former NFL quarterbacks and players and coaches and writers and “fair and balanced” news people who have come out and flatly stated that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have lied during their press conferences. To me, it takes a lot of nerve, and more than enough playing God to call someone a liar without knowing all the facts.

I know that some of these folks themselves had to deny a story or two about themselves and when they did, no one called them a liar. I guess what goes around doesn’t necessarily come around.

But let’s put all this foolishness aside. Deflategate goes way beyond footballs.

How about the coverage given to last week’s March for Life in Washington, D.C.? I didn’t see much if any in the secular press, did you?

And the irony of it is that these people are trying to save the lives of little innocent human beings, some of whom, at the risk of sounding melodramatic, have their little heads deflated during one of many cruel abortion procedures.

People are starving, are immigrants with nowhere to call home, are being slaughtered because of their religious beliefs, are victims of sexual abuse, are victims of domestic violence, are victims of any of a plethora of prejudices, but all the hubbub is about how many pounds of air are in a football.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

I guess our treasure lies in the size and weight of an NFL football more than anything else lately.

Now that’s truly deflating.

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