Dune buggies, moon buggies and spring

Admit it. We all thought it. At least most of us did. We were sure that the remnants, the tons and tons of remnants of the relentless snowfall of the winter of 2014-15 would still be with us in June and July.

I had visions of cooling off on a hot summer day by driving to the nearest mall and sliding down the snow mountains on my old aluminum flying saucer (for those readers who know not of what I speak, ask an older sibling, a parent or grandparent).

But that wasn’t to be. It’s gone! The only snow I can find today is the stuff that appears on the steaks I tucked away in my freezer sometime last year.

It’s spring. The signs are out there.

— Easter Sunday has come and gone. Albeit Easter came only a couple of weeks after the earliest date it can occur.

— It can be 60 degrees one day and 20 the next.

— We still have to scrape ice off the windshield in the morning, but those instances are diminishing.

— It takes a dune buggy to drive around the streets because there’s so much sand on the roads.

— It takes a moon buggy to drive around the streets because of all the craters left as a reminder of winter’s nasty bite (again, for you younger readers a moon buggy was the vehicle our U.S. astronauts drove on the moon in the ’70s. It was officially called an LRV, Lunar Roving Vehicle).

— Fences and berms are damaged because of snow plows, and limbs hang precariously from the trees upon which they spent decades securely attached.

— Igor no longer has to search for her “spot” any more. She has the run of the terrain.

— Getting back to sand, there’s more sand on my living room floor than there is at Horseneck Beach right now. I’m thinking of collecting it all and placing it in a place on my deck to get that beach feel at home this summer.

— Insects are starting to stir, and in places you don’t want them to stir.

— You go to fire up the grill for the first time this year only to recall you ran out of gas last October and promised yourself you would refill it before spring set in.

Yep, spring is here in all its glory. But after the winter we just endured, please don’t take these aforementioned signs as complaints. I’m grateful we’re finally getting to see them. It’s the rite of passage into summer — a season most of us never thought we’d see again.


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