Boots on the ground, ships on the sea, and eagle eyes in the sky

There are many out there lamenting the state of our union in the U.S. Some believe good is rapidly losing rights and privileges while the balance of power shifts over to evil.

Some see a government that has become too big for its britches with no checks-and-balances to prevent it from happening.

Some see Christianity becoming the victim of the prejudices and bigotries of which they’ve been accused for many years.

Some question why their prayers and social justice efforts appear to be grossly ineffective.

Our existence on this planet is a fleeting moment in the larger scheme of things. Previous fleeting moments have been rife with similar, if not worse circumstances and conditions.

I know that some see the moral standards of this country on the wane, and a titanic wave of decadence washing over the country.

Maybe that’s true. But it isn’t the first time in American history that the stars (and stripes) have aligned in such a fashion.

World history, and yes even U.S. history is filled with scandals, evils, prejudices, bigotries, and selfishness: a devastating Civil War rocked this union; the inhumane treatment of African-Americans and any other non-Caucasian race; political underhandedness; gangster- and mafia-run deadly dealings; the uphill fight for the presidency because a candidate was Catholic; and even the Church scandal that had a crushing effect on thousands across this country.

Yet, the U.S. has always bounced back. Some say this country will follow the self-destructive path of the decadent Roman and Greek empires. But I don’t think so.

God is not dumb. God sees that this country has been the world-wide checks-and-balances for more than 200 years. One man and one administration cannot stop that.

God may punish the U.S. someday, if He’s not already. But there are millions of good people in this country in every race, color, creed or orientation.

God has a plan for the U.S. and He will continue to use the U.S. to combat evil — after it cleans up its own act.

But no matter what, please don’t blame the men and women who have served this great land in the military; from the Revolutionary War to the current battle against terrorism.

This country has stifled the spread of world-wide evil for two centuries because of the behind-the-scenes men and women who risk their lives for our safety and freedoms; and yes we still do have freedoms. If you don’t believe that, try living in another country.

This Fourth of July weekend, when you’re cooking on the grill, lazing on the beach, gathering with family and friends, and oohing and aahing at fireworks, take the time to say a prayer for, and to thank those boots on the ground, ships on the sea, and eagle eyes in the sky.

These heroes don’t partake in games of politics, greed, selfishness or evil. They do their jobs. And that job is to protect us and our rights, including the right to complain about how bad this country is.

It seems that past history and history in the making is predestined. Yes, God is omnipotent, but what’s also predestined is our part in the great plan.

Let us pray for America, that she will continue to be a beacon of hope for the rest of the world; that she regain her strength and resolve and rise above the petty and not-so-petty differences that separate Americans. United we stand. It’s what God wants so America can continue to fulfill her destiny.

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