The Two Wise Men, and one not-so-much

From the very beginning, the Almighty has chosen certain people to fulfill His wishes for humanity.

Adam and Eve were chosen to begin what has become humankind.

Noah was chosen to ride out the storm of all storms to help humankind begin anew, with God as the focus.

Moses was selected to lead the chosen people out of exile to the Promised Land.

It was Mary whom God graced with being the mother of the Savior, and Joseph who was to be His earthly dad and mentor.

Each of these Biblical heroes had a choice to accept or reject God’s request to be part of His Master plan. Each of these people said yes. And each of these people did wonderful things, the benefits of which we still experience today.

“Where’s he going with this?” you’re probably wondering. “Since when have I taken a conventional route to get my point across?” is my response.

I bring up these scenarios because I often wonder why God put me on this big blue marble. Everyone has a purpose and a mission. I’m still trying to figure out mine.

But I do know why the Good Lord didn’t choose me to be any of the great Biblical characters.

Had I been Adam, I would have messed up right from the start. Snakes freak me out, so God knows what would have happened in Eden.

As far as my being Noah, the biggest thing I ever built was a Lincoln Log cabin, and that didn’t turn out so well. And bringing two of each animal aboard the ark? Igor tells me what to do at home, so it would have been a zoo aboard the ark, in more ways than one.

Leading people out of the desert? I can’t stand heat, so I would have been swimming in the Red Sea instead of parting it.

And being a parent of the Savior? I can’t even respond to that one.

What prompted me to pursue this topic was a phenomenon that occurred a few weeks back on June 30.

For the first time in 2,000 years the planets Jupiter and Venus lined up to form a “super star” if you will. It’s believed that this celestial formation was the same one that created the Star of Bethlehem announcing the birth of the Baby Jesus in Nazareth — the star the Magi followed to find the Christ Child and pay Him and His parents homage.

I knew this rare, once-in-a-lifetime vision was going to happen. The skies were clear that night, so it was the perfect opportunity to see what few have ever seen.

I forgot and fell asleep. It was press day, and I’m usually pretty tired on Tuesday evenings, but I slept through a sighting of the Star of Bethlehem! I missed something that last occurred two millennia ago!

Can you imagine if I were one of the Magi? Today’s Bible narrative of the Nativity would have told of the Two Wise Men, and the gift of myrrh would have to have arrived late, delivered by the third not-so-wise man, who didn’t have a star to follow because he slept in.

Yep, thankfully God has everything under control.

But I still wonder what plans of His I’m messing up.

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