Turn away if you must

aylan kurdit.gif

Turn away if you must. Cover the picture with your hand, or simply turn the page.

Why not? I would guess thousands have done just that when this heart-wrenching photo of a drowned three-year-old Aylan Kurdit appeared on myriad media outlets and social media sites.

I couldn’t turn away. In fact I searched for this to run it with my column this week. I posted the photo on Facebook.

This is not one of those commercials about abused animals that is so easily shoved aside — out of sight, out of mind.

There are those who have in fact, figuratively embraced this innocent little lad with their prayers, and with their written and spoken words.

In fact my colleague and dear friend Frank Lucca writes about Aylan in his column on page 17 of this Anchor edition.

Words cannot describe what I felt when I first laid eyes on Aylan. In fact, I may have unwittingly blurted out something not fit for print when I saw him.

There is absolutely no excuse for this having to happen. I don’t care what anyone’s religious, political, ethnic, social or personal feelings about immigration may be. This is wrong. Dead wrong.

Everyone, everyone, since Adam and Eve has been a refugee or the descendant of a refugee.

The root of what caused little Aylan to die so young and so tragically is what it usually is — one person or group of people who think they are better than another. And it’s never going to end — because someone, somewhere will hold true to that cause.

We can all begin to change that in our own little worlds; in the family, at school, at work, at play. But it will never go away.

There will always be those who feel someone is getting something for nothing or taking “native’s” jobs. Consequently, those just seeking to survive will ultimately drown in a sea of selfishness.

Maybe this photo doesn’t bother some. Maybe it’s because I held the lifeless body of a child in my arms that it hurts so much.

Some people will never change and this scene will be repeated. Only when God meets each of us face-to-face, will justice occur. And little Aylan just may be by His side when it happens.


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