Gourd help us all

In Ecclesiastes 3, it states, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under Heaven.” Other than The Byrds covering the Pete Seeger song, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” into a megahit in 1965, the Biblical quote reminds us that there is a time and place for everything.

But today’s mad, mad world is the anti-Ecclesiastes, trying to force times upon us before their time. It’s a wacky cycle, mostly centered around Christmas.

In the advertising world, the Christmas season begins in September. Consequently, every other “holiday” season is usually bumped up about three months.

It makes it difficult for purists to remain true to their convictions; living like it was the old days.

Most of my clan are traditionalists; keeping the holidays where there belong. The two renegades may be Igor, who lives every day like Christmas, and my oldest born, Ben.

I like Ben. He’s not afraid to be his own person. Just last week I got a text from him with a photo of the French meat stuffing he whipped up because he had a hankering for it. It’s the recipe handed down from his arrière-grand-mère, and it’s a tradition at my house every Thanksgiving. But good old Ben couldn’t wait. I now crave stuffing.

Yet my youngest daughter Emilie is currently engaged with an inner holiday struggle.

You see, she loves pumpkin everything, yet has a self-imposed rule not to indulge in products made of the orange gourd until October 1.

The problem is that every coffee shop in New England is now offering pumpkin everything. Retail stores are following suit. And her beau and his dad constantly tempt her with the pumpkin coffee they wave in front of her nose. (But try getting them to drink eggnog before Thanksgiving, and that’s a different story.) And the food courts in and around UMD are just as enticing.

So far, she’s remained strong. She only has two more weeks to hold out. As for me, I love pumpkin, but like the stuffing, I can wait. Denise doesn’t care for pumpkin so there’s no problem there. And as I mentioned earlier, Igor always has stars in her eyes — usually the star of Bethlehem.

There is a season for every matter under Heaven — pumpkins in October, stuffing in November, and all things Christmas in December, and so on.

And for we who are bombarded with the contrary, may gourde help us all.

(It should be sadly noted that just before I went to press, Emilie walked into my office with a pumpkin coffee. The flesh is weak.)


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