I’ll just wing it

Good friend Deacon Paul Levesque in his homily of the week on page eight of this edition mentions a movie in which a dead woman in “angel training” had to “earn her wings,” by helping out a human family.

In the great Christmas classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” good old Clarence, who looks very human to all, has to “earn his angel wings,” by assisting George Bailey (the late, great Jimmy Stewart ... add a drawn out “ummm, ummm,” here as only Jimmy could do it).

There are countless references to angels, especially at this time of year, and mostly all of them are depicted with wings.

This piqued my curiosity. Where does it say that angels have wings, and if they do, why do they need them?

There is no question that angels are referenced in the Good Book.  In fact, the story of Salvation begins with the proclamation by the angel Gabriel that Mary will become the mother of the Son of God.

Golly (said in a Jimmy Stewart drawl), I can’t even imagine what Gabriel had to do to “earn” the right to tell our Blessed Mother that she was the mother of the Christ Child!

The “Catholic Encyclopedia” says of angels that they are “purely Spiritual or bodiless persons. They carry out missions at God’s command. They at times can assume bodily form. The Church teaches that every human being possesses a guardian angel.”

I believe that, but I have never heard the flapping of wings nearby, and I can honestly say that I put my guardian angel (its name is Joseph) through quite a workout each day.

Despite no Gospel reference to angels being winged creatures, I do like man’s interpretation of winged beings.

I’d hate to have to attack my two crèches at home, the plethora of angels on my tree, and the Christian artwork I possess, and remove the feathered appendages. God only knows what they’d look like after that.

No, I’m going to go with tradition on this one and envision God’s messengers as being winged, and that every time I hear a bell, an angel earns those special limbs. 

Yep, I’ll just wing it.


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