Things are looking up in 2016

Today, Jan. 8, 2016 The Anchor embarks on a new excursion. The good ship Anchor set sail on her maiden voyage on April 11, 1957, just over one-half year after this editor was born.

I have a special bond with The Anchor — both being baby boomers setting sail within a few months of each other; and my being a crew member for the last 20 years and her first mate for the last 12-and-a half.

Because of various circumstances across the diocese, The Anchor today becomes a biweekly publication. Also today, she takes on a new magazine-type format, with larger print and more color.

Our fine columnists have remained loyal to this vessel, and will continue to bring their humor, Spirituality, love of God, the Church, the Diocese of Fall River, and their talents to readers every edition. I thank this loyal cast of characters for all they have brought to The Anchor in years past and for what they will bring in hopefully the years to come. It makes a first mate proud to serve with such remarkable crew mates.

Our local news coverage will not only take center stage, but our goal is to provide more local coverage per edition. With talented and faithful writers like my shipmates Becky Aubut and Ken Souza, and my contributions, being what they are, The Anchor will do its very best to sail the waters that affect diocesan faithful in every nook and cranny of Southeastern Mass., Cape Cod and the Islands. And we ask those of you who sail with us each edition to keep us informed of people and events to cover that will inspire, amuse and inform us of God’s goodness in all aspects of life. 

We’re simply an email, phone call or snail mail away. There’s no extra costs for the ship-to-shore communication.

Those of us aboard the good ship Anchor truly hope that you like the subtle changes and let us know of things we can do to improve this wonderful publication.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that myriad faithful Catholics across the Diocese of Fall River and beyond have generously and selflessly donated to The Anchor to ensure she stays afloat at full speed ahead. May God bless each of you for helping to spread His Word in these pages.

I share an anecdote that happened to me just yesterday (January 4, our first day back to work in the new year). Emilie and I were returning home from work in a light snow. I unlocked my front door and the first step into my living room was a doozy.

With snow on the soles of my shoes, I immediately slipped and fell entering my home. As I was twisting my ankle, bumping my knee, wrenching my back, and bruising my hand, Emilie was concerned enough to ask, “Are you alright?” before I even made landfall.

I twisted back into a normal position, looked up, got up and assessed the damage, it was all minor. We laughed, she more than me.

Now some people would consider this an omen for 2016, but I don’t. All I could think of while on my backside was “things are literally looking up.” And I’m going to carry that attitude into the new year on The Anchor’s new voyage. Full speed ahead. Things are looking up.

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