Hurricane season

There is no escape, no where to turn, to run, to hide. And it’s only going to get worse following Labor Day. No, I’m not referring to the seemingly endless stream of potential hurricanes leaping off the coast of west Africa.

It’s far worse than that! I’m alluding to the onslaught of political advertisements and media hype that is and will surround, engulf, swallow, and eat us whole.

When I was in Canada a few weeks back there was a reprieve from the U.S. political tsunami of lies, accusations, condemnations, name-calling, mud-slinging rhetoric spewing from this year’s presidential candidates and their supporters and detractors.

Canadians were concentrating on the upcoming Olympic games, the upcoming World Cup of Hockey tourney, and simply living life. Oh, if it ’twas ever thus.

I cannot bear to watch the “news” on television any longer, particularly the national media gurus; and more pinpointedly, CNN and Fox News.

“How can they be reporting on the same events?” I always think to myself, and sometimes to others. Same story, yet the slant is a complete 180 degrees apart.

Comedy shows are just as bad; no, let me correct that, they’re 100 times worse. Hollywood and the “minds” that dictate what we are able to view as “entertainment,” has become so sickeningly biased in its content.

There is absolutely no question as to which candidate Tinseltown endorses, and the repercussions are downright embarrassing for the poor slob in their crosshairs.

It would be nice and even more so, helpful, for Americans to see reporting and “entertainment” without a specific agenda. It would be nice if the candidates would concentrate on what they will do, rather than on what the other has done.

Frankly, I don’t believe what either candidate says. I think they’re both liars, cheaters, and have their own agendas, which doesn’t include our welfare.

Scarier yet, is that we have to vote for one of these, to put it bluntly, evil people. One will be our president for the next four years.

At Mass Sunday, good friend, retired Father John Gomes said, “Only God knows what’s in our hearts.” God knows both candidates and knows what lies ahead for us. From that neither one can escape.

As for us, hang on, it’s going to be a whale of hurricane heading our way.

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