This week’s column is one column

Often, “My View From the Stands” is the final piece placed in The Anchor biweekly jigsaw. When I was the sports editor of the high school newspaper at Durfee as a teen, we had a saying, based loosely on the New York Times’ motto: “All the news that fits, we print.”

So, this column appears where there is space left over, and this week, my column, is in fact, one column.

Since that was the case, I researched where the term column and columnist originated, but nowhere could I find that a column was at one time, one column. So, with that being said, perhaps my peer columnists and I should be referred to as columnsnists. But as usual, I digress.

Today Americans go out and vote for a president. With The Anchor press schedule, there is no way to know the result prior to press time, but I have a feeling we still won’t know by Friday. Just saying.

Also, I learned of the passing of Dominican Sister Gertrude Gaudette, late in our editorial process, so we will run the obituary of this incredible woman in the next Anchor edition.

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