Just delightful

This summer I was blessed to be able to spend a handful of days in Halifax, Nova Scotia, driving around the scenic Bay of Fundy and strolling the boardwalk along Halifax Harbor. The temperatures were in the high 70s and the weather was just delightful.

A month or so later I was equally blessed to be able to spend a handful of days on a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean just about 850 miles due south of Halifax, Bermuda. I enjoyed relaxing on a beach of the tiny paradise where the horizon revealed nothing but ocean waters, inspiring sun rises and majestic sunsets. The temperatures were in the mid 80s and the weather was just delightful.

In between those wonderful excursions was time spent on my own deck, enjoying time after work relaxing in the warm summer breezes. Again, the temperatures were in the 80s and the weather was just delightful.

After reading the last few paragraphs, one may think that the cold snap we all awoke to last weekend would signal the end of my delightful weather experiences. But those who know me, know my French-Canadian blood runs thick enough to be able to enjoy and actually look forward to winter’s imminent arrival.

I’ve lately gained an affinity for taking my daily walk on the boardwalk that runs along the Taunton River in Fall River. The recent cold snap didn’t change that. Last weekend I continued to stroll the boardwalk, despite gale-force winds and sub-freezing wind chills.

I donned my Halifax Mooseheads (ice hockey team) beanie, and set out. I was literally nudged by the winds every now and again, was sprayed with mist off the whitecaps, and marveled as the river churned its way into the breakers protecting the boardwalk.

Just as a gorgeous sunset is a piece of God’s artwork, so, too, is the strength and might of an autumn/winter gale. At least for me it is. 

I look forward to what the next five months or so has in store for us in southeastern New England. I’m willing to bet the weather will be just delightful. At least for me.


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