I got your back

Sometimes, er, sorry, most times, it’s difficult to find the good in this world. Politicians’ allegiances are truer to party lines than to the fellow citizens they claim to represent.

Various movements calling for tolerance, tolerate only those who agree with their philosophies.

Demonstrations often lead to violence, with the common man’s livelihood often falling victim to vandalism and destruction.

Those who claim to live and breathe to proclaim God’s Word do so only with words, sometimes changing the “rules” to suit their own needs in one way or another.

Goodness, one can’t even drive down a city street, at the speed limit, without another “human being” virtually driving their vehicle in your back seat, all the while gesturing sign language that isn’t your standard ASL.

We’re often given the message during Lent, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” And how can I argue with that? Jesus Himself said it on the mount.

But, speaking for myself, and perhaps for others, that is often not an easy thing to do. I feel as humans, we need a pat on the back and a show of support every now and again. And I feel the Good Lord knows that too.

That’s why this Lent in addition to loving those who hate me, and seemingly there are many, most of whom, gratefully, I don’t know personally, I’m going to pray for the good people of this world — the unsung saints who visit and/or care for elderly parents, disabled children, the poor, homeless, and those in prison.

I’m going to pray for the people who are victims of those I mentioned in the opening paragraphs of this column. I’m going to pray for those who are meek, humble and kind of heart, that this world doesn’t eat them up.

Good people, I know you’re out there, and I know how lonely it can feel. Cheer up though, there are more of you than there are evil people. We just don’t hear of them.

Carry on good people, and remain one of the many unknowns in this crazy world. I got your back.


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