The new school could use a little old school

I’d like to thank my parents and Denise’s parents for being old school. It helped us to raise our children to be old school in a new school world. None of our parents attended college. In fact, some never completed grammar school. Yet they were and are some of the most intelligent folks I’ve met.

We were taught courtesy, respect, and manners. That trilogy of behavior traits goes a very long way, to the point of defining the type of people we become.

The antithesis of this type of behavior, new school values if you will, was painfully evident at Emilie’s recent university graduation.

For nearly 19 years, Em has hit the books at pre-primary and primary school, high school, and college. She always worked very hard and did her very best. Things Denise and I couldn’t teach her, she gained through these institutions. What we could teach her, and did, were the old school values.

After all these years of hard work, we so looked forward to watching her walk across the stage and receive her degree; a BFA, magna cum laude.

It would have been nice, had many in the audience and student population learned old school values.

Decorum and organization broke down during the conferring of more than 1,500 degrees. Family and friends were told to remain seated and students were instructed to return to their seats during the commencement. Neither happened on the part of many selfish individuals.

Instead of basking in the achievements of my pup, we had to crane our necks to get a brief glimpse of that special moment, and Denise didn’t even hear Em’s name called (which was mispronounced anyway), because students took off to see family and friends immediately after receiving their sheepskin. They stood, wandered, and celebrated anywhere they chose, most often in front of old school people. Em and her pals played by the rules and I was proud of her for that as well.

The long-awaited event was chaotic and disappointing because more and more people have that new school approach. Maybe offering a degree in old school would be the answer. But would anyone know how to teach it?

Congratulations Emilie Jovielet (sic). We’re so proud of you for your new school education with an old school approach.

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