The real reason for the August 21 solar eclipse

There is something out there that is killing us — slowly, and at times not-so-slowly eating away at our very souls.

This killer is not cancer, although it shares some very similar characteristics. It is not global warming, air and water pollution, genetically modified organisms or GMOs.

No, it is far more insidious, although it’s been wreaking havoc since the beginning of time. The culprit is the poisonous, sometimes fatal human venom.

I’m afraid that mankind has reached a new low in the way “human beings” treat each other. After looking back at man’s tumultuous history, I didn’t think it was possible for us to get any worse, but I am wrong. Dead wrong.

Photographs of earth taken from space reveal a seemingly tranquil tiny blue marble in the Milky Way. How deceiving those images are. As one draws closer it’s clear to see the human venom smothering the planet.

Day after day we see “liberals” and “conservatives” literally fighting to defend their causes. And frankly, neither side seeks what is good for all. Both platforms seek the freedoms and “human” rights that fit their agendas.

Blood is spilled in our streets by the hour. Rallies become war zones. College campuses are quickly losing their positions as places of learning, instead becoming havens of opinion often dictated by the views of individual professors.

One doesn’t know which news outlet to trust, if there are any at all.

Respect is a word that may some day become so obsolete that the folks at Merriam-Webster will simply remove it from their dictionary.

Facebook has become a battleground on which weapons of hatred and ignorance are fired at others minute by minute.

I’ve seen family members at each other’s throats because of political and social disagreements. Family and once close friends block or unfriend each other because they can’t accept the other’s point of view.

The verbal volleys at times become quite ugly and sickening.

When Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was ratified by the usual divided Congress in 1865, it ended slavery in this country.

What it didn’t end was racism, which is as rampant now, if not more, than when the amendment was passed 152 years ago.

Yet, as only man can do, the racism isn’t just against African-Americans, it’s much more diversified now — Latinos, Muslims, refugees, homosexuals, Jews, Arabs,  Christians, and whatever group of people that doesn’t fit the mold of what another group of people deem as normal.

A nuclear disaster won’t wipe out this planet. Neither will a rogue meteor, an apocalyptic earthquake, or a widespread awakening of volcanoes.

No, mankind is more than capable of killing off this planet, and is well on its way.

The sad thing is that there are good people out there — people who care and respect others, even if they disagree with their philosophies. Our only hope is that these beacons can dispel the overwhelming darkness. It won’t be easy.

I know the reason this week’s solar eclipse took place. The sun needed some time of not witnessing the chaos on planet earth. I’m also willing to bet the moon was hoping to hide behind the sun for the same reason. That little blue marble is big trouble.

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