There are still Christs out there

Without getting into much detail, the past several months for me have been episodes from Lemony Snicket’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

Two quotes from friends just about sum it all up: “If it weren’t for bad luck, you wouldn’t have any,” and “Your family is the human embodiment of Houston [just after it was slammed by Hurricane Harvey].”

I’m not sharing this to complain. Quite the contrary.

Over the past few columns, several Anchor columnists, including me, have lamented the sickening state of affairs across the globe, but particularly in this country — man’s inhumanity to man.

It’s here where I would like to give human beings a pat on the back for a change because not all are racists, bigots, homophobes, left or right wing radicals, fascists, cop-haters, etc.

During my series of unfortunate events family members whom are most dear to me face very difficult battles.

During these numbing times so many wonderful human beings have stepped up and made such a difference in their lives and mine.

My Godsends are in the healthcare field and Hospice.

All have been a source of comfort, strength, hope, encouragement and loving care. None were known to me before the onslaught.

I’ve watched these remarkable souls at work, doing what they do best, and what they love most — helping their brothers and sisters in need.

Some are Catholic, some are Christian. Some are Jews, and others Muslim. Some are even agnostic. Some are black, some white, Asian, Hispanic — you name it. Yet they have many things in common, including a genuine concern and love for the people with whom they treat and those close to them.

As so many of you know, being the caretaker for more than one can be extremely taxing on the mind, body and soul.

And, as many of you know, you can’t always count on the people around you for help or understanding.

Simple words cannot convey what this array of folks with different beliefs and lifestyles have meant to me.

They have eased the physical pains of my peeps who are experiencing their own trials. They have provided physical and mental therapy, always with a pleasant demeanor and countenance.

Some have provided me with counsel and comfort, giving me the opportunity to release some of my fears, frustrations, worries and pain.

Yes, mankind does scare me. But those are the examples shown by the media. It’s when you encounter real human beings in real settings not seen by the masses, that you realize Christ does live in others, regardless of the labels we put on them.

My problems are still there, and when life gives you lemons you don’t always have to make lemonade. Lemons are great at seasoning fish and chicken and beverages. Lemons can be lemons. But with the right recipes, they’re wonderful.

Thank God for the ingredients who have complemented the lemons in my life, as Christ surely did and does.

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