A hazardous construct

Most Americans are pondering the darker side of Planned Parenthood. The dark side has always been known: it was founded by Margaret Sanger to eliminate the poor and people of color through contraception, sterilization, and abortion. The darker side is that the industry has evidently managed to piggy-back a chop shop on top of the wanton destruction — selling body parts to augment its profits. Admittedly, the country is split: some find it deplorable, some find it tediously boring. How the numbers fall out on either side is debatable, but it’s important to recognize that not everyone is appalled. Now why would that be?

In the years immediately following the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, Pro-Life advocates spent long hours crafting arguments to prove that the so-called “clump of cells” was actually a baby, and that each “product of conception” constituted a human life. Through fetal models, scientific arguments, and grisly photographs, they pressed the issue that polite society would rather ignore: to end a life in the womb was akin to murder, and their “silent screams” should haunt us as long as the unborn were legally shredded under the guise of choice. 

Over the decades, Pro-Life arguments were strengthened by advances in ultrasound technology and the viability of younger and younger babies, and yet contrary forces were at work — selling a “liberated” lifestyle of consequence-free sex. Whereas previously, sexual intimacy was reserved for Marriage (because of the probability of it succeeding in its natural end — new life!) now fertility could be set aside. Restraint and discipline gave way to myopic indulgence, and public schools linked arms with the entertainment industry to trumpet the news to our young: sex was for bodily pleasure, full stop.

Two generations of men have been encouraged — by the culture and by women — to pursue sexual intimacy without commitment, without openness to life, and without further obligations. In this insidious way, men have lost an essential dimension of their vocation: to protect and provide for those entrusted to their care. Furthermore, they have been taught that reproductive freedom is strictly a woman’s issue (admittedly, a relief to many!) and that men are to be engaged in the outcomes only at the express invitation of the woman. Fatherhood is no longer integral to manhood, but an option subject to the whims of women — no wonder then that men have neglected so many of the virtues attached to it. 

If there’s one thing feminists clearly despise, it’s patriarchy — the institution by which the strongest care for the weakest, and in which family welfare is entrusted to the guidance of fathers. Through caricature, ridicule, and distortion, patriarchy has been linked to all that is evil in the world, and women will have none of it. Having successfully wrested control of their lives from men, and marginalized men from monumental decisions concerning the family, women have charged ahead, believing that their independence will bring about freedom and happiness. 

And yet despite how they railed at the previous construct, how many women now suffer from objectification, utilitarianism, disparagement, and abandonment — not to mention the impoverishment of single mothers and their living offspring? There should be no surprise, then, that the children that they refuse to mother will be objectified as well, with a higher premium on their parts than their personhood, for their mothers had already succumbed to that lie. Every week, thousands of these women find themselves at clinics, dealing with the fallout of their “liberation” — and allowing Moloch to turn a profit by their choice. 

With every meaningful relationship severed from its purpose, with men Spiritually castrated by bitter women, it only stands to reason that their children’s inheritance is sterile and loveless — and without fathers to protest, the mothers hand over their flesh to the beast. Perhaps we should rethink patriarchy, and the proper concern at its core, because the feminist alternative has proven a suffocating embrace. 

Anchor columnist Mrs. Kineke is the author of “The Authentic Catholic Woman.” She blogs at feminine-genius.typepad.com.

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