Eating Twinkies with God

Occasionally, when I have a few moments, I’ll scroll through my Facebook feed. Once in a while I’ll come across something that sparks my interest and may even inspire me.

Last week I found a video that is spreading rapidly across the internet. It garnered more than 40 million views on Facebook within just one week. It’s called, “Eating Twinkies with God.” It’s a short film that can make you search within your very self.

The video follows a young boy on a Spiritual journey to find God. As the video begins, we find the little guy in the kitchen grabbing a package of Twinkies along with two juice boxes from the refrigerator.

He places all of it in his bag and starts to head out, when his mother asks, “Now where are you off to?” He responds with some excitement, “I’m going to find God.” 

He sets off on a journey via subway and ends up in a park. As he enters the park he sees a bench with, what appears to be, a homeless woman who looks particularly sad. He sits down next to her, pulls out the Twinkies and as he begins to bite into it, he decides to share the other Twinkie with the woman who smiles and says thank you. As they sit there, we view them having a conversation that leads to laughter and giggles. As he’s about to leave for home, recalling his mother’s request that he not be late for dinner, he gives the woman a hug. She smiles broadly and they depart as best of buds. 

When he arrives home he tells his mom that he met God and he’s a woman with the “most beautiful smile.” The woman returns to an area where she most likely spends the night outside and shares with another woman that she ate Twinkies in the park with God and he’s “much younger than I expected.”

Having viewed the video, it makes you realize that God is indeed present when we love and take care of one another. The readings during this Easter season serve as a reminder that so much of our faith isn’t individual. It is looking out for one another, praying for one another, praying with one another. It is communal. 

Meir Kay, one of the directors of this short film mentions on the YouTube video description: “Whether you believe or not, we all can agree that by helping each other, each good act that we do makes this world a brighter place. Let us rise to the occasion and be kinder to each other, to help one another. We are all on the same team.”

Simply search on Google for “Youtube I Ate a Twinkie with God” to find the film online. Take an opportunity to watch this beautiful little film and then seriously consider what it is saying to you.

 Then let’s act in a way that brings God to all those we meet and share particularly with those in need. One way to share the Twinkies, at this time of year, is surely through the Catholic Charities Appeal. 

Catholic Charities proceeds, as stated on the website, “provides funding for the charitable services and programs sponsored by the Fall River Diocese throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands. The Appeal, for example, supports Catholic Social Services network of regional offices that sponsor emergency shelter and transitional housing, basic needs assistance, food pantries and vouchers, pregnancy and parenting support, foster care, refugee resettlement, advocacy programs for persons with disabilities and for immigrants, and crisis intervention.

“Other services and ministries financed by the Catholic Charities Appeal include hospital chaplaincy, campus ministry, Marriage preparation, programs for the bereaved, youth and young adult ministry, the Television Mass and more.”

This year the theme centers on the call to service expressed in Matthew 25: “Whatsoever You Did.”As stated on the Catholic Charities website, “Each of us, in our own manner, provides the answer.” So let’s share our Twinkies. Who knows who we may meet. 

Anchor columnist Frank Lucca is a permanent deacon in the Diocese of Fall River, a youth minister at St. Dominic’s Parish in Swansea, and a campus minister at UMass Dartmouth. He is married to his wife of 38 years, Kristine, and the father of two daughters and their husbands, and three grandsons. So blessed! Comments, ideas or suggestions? Please email him at

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