Dear younger me (the conclusion)

Here is the much anticipated part-two of last month’s article on advice to a younger self. There was so much great advice that it couldn’t be contained in one article. 

“Hug your grandmother, because she won’t be here forever and you will miss her more than words could express.”

“Never stop dreaming!”

“Stop dreaming of what your life will be like in your 20s when you are ‘old.’ Just be. Go outside and play. Run around and get messy. The world will refine you soon enough, but for now, just be.”

“God will never give you more than you can handle, so right when you feel like you’re about to break, stand up and ask for more, because with Him by your side, you’re holding what someone else may not be able to. He believes in you when it feels like no one else does. He won’t let you break.”

“Pray often, play hard, laugh out loud, hug your loved ones and dream big! Your future awaits!”

“Don’t, under any circumstance, put your lips on a frozen fence post.”

“The bully who stole your money and threatened to beat you up — you will still be mad at him when you’re 30 — as irrational as that sounds”

“Don’t let fear hold you back from your dreams and trust that God will always be with you in all you do.”

“No matter what, don’t believe fanny packs are cool.”

“Do not care about what others say about you. You are perfect in God’s eyes and care for yourself and others as much as He does.”

“I’d keep it simple. Satan is bad. Jesus is good. Be like Jesus.”

“Spend every second with your grandparents that you can. Take more pictures.”

“Don’t stop playing kickball, tag, hide-and-seek or any other outdoor games. Run around, enjoy fresh air, laugh and have fun.”

“Family game night is super important — never miss it. Don’t be embarrassed to hold mom and dad’s hand, it’s just as much for them as it is for you.”

“Don’t rush to grow up, you will only be young and care-free for a little while and once you grow up you can’t go back. Don’t care what other people are doing or saying, be your own independent person. You are stronger than you know, even when you don’t realize it. Out of all the bad days you have there will be many more good ones to come.”

“Be different and don’t let others tell you otherwise. You are unique, cool, and loved.”

“It isn’t enough to plan and dream, you need to take action! If you want something, pray about it then make it happen. Be kind, walk in someone else’s shoes and do good.”

“Love your brothers. They won’t be here forever.”

“Don’t let anyone rob you of your dreams. Many a dreamer have accomplished amazing things. But most importantly, remember to always be patient with yourself and others, for all good things do take time.”

“Listen to your parents more, to trust in God and to stick up for your beliefs and fight for them with a passion!”

“You’re never going to be five-feet-tall, don’t get your hopes up.”

“Listen to your conscience and do the best you can.”

 “Don’t just dream big, dream bigger, because anything you set your mind to is possible.”

“When something doesn’t seem right, speak up.”

“Never be afraid of doing something different, dare to be something more.” 

 “You can’t live your life to please others by putting yourself down. You can’t be who they want you to be when it isn’t you. Stay true to yourself and you’ll find true friends and happiness.”

“Dream big, but know that success in anything requires commitment and hard work. Failure doesn’t define you, how you react to it does. Pay attention to what your parents are teaching you about God’s love, honesty and family because it does matter. Recognize how blessed you are and never be embarrassed to say thank you, I’m sorry, I need help or I love you.”

 “Be open to the voice of God.”

“Girls can be anything they want!”

“Life isn’t going to turn out how you expect it to but everything is going to be OK!”

“Get to know God, don’t ever let Him go! Even when no one else can help you with this or you feel alone, everything will be OK, He is always there.”

“Take time to notice the world around you. Watch people. Travel places. Try new things. Most importantly give more than you take so our world will be a better place with you in it.”

“Slow down on the chocolate and dessert!”

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.”

“It’s not about you, you are not the center of the universe. Don’t live for feeling, live for truth. Your life is because of God and therefore it belongs to God. Go where He sends you, do what He is calling you to do, don’t hesitate, He knows you, He loves, He’s with you. Trust Him!”

“Learn to laugh at yourself.”

“Be yourself. Love God and your neighbors, listen to parents who love you, take care of your body and mind, be kind and forgiving and grateful. Enjoy every day and work hard. Don’t be afraid to dirty your hands while planting flowers, it’s good for the soul and beautiful!”

“Make sure as you go through life that your jeans fit comfortably or you will be irritated always.”

“God has a lot in store for you; big things are coming. Have faith and never let go. No matter what happens, God will always be there to make things easier. Do not be afraid!”

Anchor columnist Amanda Tarantelli has been a campus minister at Bishop Stang High School in North Dartmouth since 2005. She is married, a die-hard sports fan, and resides in Cranston, R.I. She can be reached at

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