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To the Editor:

It is my belief that Catholic morality means living out the faith that we possess.

Our works of charity must give credence to the words “God is love” (1 John 14-16). It is evident that the world needs to experience this integrity through Catholics who are willing to stand against abortion. For this reason, Pope Benedict called attention to “the scandal given by Catholics who promote an alleged right to abortion” (“That Nothing May Be Lost,” Rev. Paul Scalia, Ignatius Press 2017, p. 48).

Personally speaking, I never want to present false Catholicism to others by not working tirelessly to defend the unborn. That is why I support the Renew Mass. Taxpayer Funded Initiative, which is slated to run from August to November 2017.

Furthermore, I gratefully look to our bishops for insight, guidance, and leadership that ultimately enables all Catholics residing in Massachusetts to be part of faith communities renewing the world and saving babies.

De Colores.

Deborah A. Furtado
New Bedford

EXECUTIVE EDITOR RESPONDS: Thank you for your letter. We here at
The Anchor have been encouraging people, both via the print edition and via our website (, where you can get up to the minute notices about what is happening between print editions), to participate in the signature drives against taxpayer funding of abortion and against physician-assisted suicide. I hope that all who are able (registered Massachusetts voters) will sign these petitions and when these issues appear on the ballot that the voters approve them and they become law. May God continue to help you as you witness to the dignity of human life.

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