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Act would legalize abortions up to birth

Currently working its way through the Massachusetts legislature is the “Act to Remove Obstacles and Expand Abortion Access,” or the ROE Act. This act would legalize abortions up to birth, illegalize care for infants who survive abortion attempts and are born alive, remove the requirement that late-term abortions be conducted in hospitals, and remove the requirement for parental consent for minors for abortions. 

This act, which goes far beyond the provisions for abortion listed even by Roe vs Wade, endangers not only the unborn children of Massachusetts but their mothers as well, removing any safeguard for the care of the mother from the equation. Further, recent polling has shown that 74 percent of Massachusetts residents, Republican and Democrat alike, oppose at least part of this bill.

It is high time, then, that we cease our comfortable complacency and inaction. If the Pro-Life position is true then abortion is unlike anything ever seen in human history, in scale and in horror. I urge you, fellow Catholics and members of the Fall River Diocese, to act and to act now, no matter how young or old we may be. This is no mere political or legal issue: the lives of millions (yes, millions) are on the line. We must rise up in opposition to this before it is too late. I urge everyone to contact their state representatives and senators this week, whether by email or by phone call. 

Further, we need to contact the members of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, who are currently considering the bill. They will be holding a hearing on the ROE Act on Monday, June 18 at 1 p.m. at the state house. Pro-Lifers are starting a rally there at 10 a.m. Even if you are unable to be there, please contact the members of the committee and your own representatives and senators. Every little bit that we can do helps and lets the Massachusetts legislature know that we are opposed to the endangering of the lives of our women and children.

I urge my brother Knights of Columbus, in particular, to be especially active. The defense of human life has always been one of our order’s foremost concerns and it is binding on our honor as Catholic men that we act in defense of the defenseless. I ask that my brother Knights join me in prayer and in action against this grievous attack on human life in its most vulnerable state and rise up in defense of those who have no voice to defend themselves.

Thank you for your consideration.

— Daniel Fealy

Legislators waiting to hear from you

Yes, your legislators are waiting to hear from you. I have asked our four legislators representing the Fall River area to stand up and all vote “No” on the proposed ROE Act legislation that would dramatically change current abortion law in Massachusetts. 

One of the four has already committed to voting “No.” Another is thinking of voting “No,” stating they think the proposed changes just “go too far.” 

Is removing parents from the right to stop their child from getting an abortion going too far? Is making it possible for a baby about to be born instead being killed in the mother’s womb going too far? Is allowing a child as young as age 12 to get an abortion without their parents’ consent or even being notified about the abortion going too far? 

If you think that any of these situations is going too far, your legislator is waiting to hear from you. They need your encouragement to stand up for what is right. Ask to speak with the legislator, or if not available, to phone you back. If you do not speak directly with your legislator, their receptionist, no matter how polite on the phone, will simply note your call as either for or against the legislation. You need to make it clear that you are not just a number to be recorded, you are a supporter of the legislator doing the right thing and opposing the ROE Act because it just goes too far. 

Senator Mike Rodrigues, office phone 617-722-1114; State Rep Carole Fiola, office phone 617-722-2430; State Rep Paul Schmid, office phone 617-722-2017; State Rep Alan Silvia, office phone 617-722-2230. Thank you. 

And when you talk with your legislator, do not be surprised if they say “thank you” for encouraging them.

— Daryl Gonyon 
Fall River

Massachusetts law making parents criminals

OK. It is not Halloween time yet in Massachusetts, but a Halloween-scary legislative proposal is now being voted on in Massachusetts making it a criminal act for a parent to stop their child from having a sex change!

Specifically, HB.140 and SB.70 would criminalize “any practice,” including talk therapy and counseling, that encouraged a minor to “change behaviors or gender expressions, or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex.”

SB.70 even adds a provision labeling this type of treatment “child abuse,” and would expand the state’s authority to remove children from their homes.

This legislation talks about a child being confused. I don’t know about you, but I as an adult am confused! My confusion is trying to understand what wisdom our legislators have that I don’t have that would make me a criminal to decide who I wanted to counsel my child about anything. Anything! Isn’t this America?

Our Fall River area legislators that have this wisdom are waiting to explain this to you. Our state reps that have this wisdom are Carole Fiola, phone 617-722-2430, and Paul Schmid, phone 617-722-2017. Our senator, who will be voting on this in a few days, is Michael Rodrigues, phone 617-722-1114. 

— Daryl Gonyon 
Fall River


Libraries shouldn’t promote LGBTQ agenda

The Massachusetts public library system was once one of the finest in the nation.  However, it has now become a political animal and often promotes the viewpoint of LGBTQ activists.


The Boston Public library now hosts “Drag Queen Story Hour” events held at different branch libraries. One of these events is held almost every month. 

The program consists of men in drag reading children’s books  to kids as young as three. The books are written from the LGBTQ perspective and deal with gender fluidity. They typically teach children that they should feel free to identify as a gender that is different from their own biology. 

The (attached) photograph was taken by library staff at one of these events and is deeply disturbing.

The libraries have no business introducing this agenda to children and taxpayers should call their elected officials to speak out against this sort of indoctrination.

— Timothy R. McGuire
Fall River


Wareham pastor gratefully announces church reopening

On behalf of the faith community of St. Patrick’s in Wareham and St. Anthony’s Chapel in West Wareham, I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have supported us in a myriad of ways, as we went through the challenging process of refurbishing our beloved church after the fire of Sept. 22, 2018.

First, I wish to thank Bishop Edgar M. da Cunha, S.D.V., for his guidance and encouragement as we navigated the monumental tasks of restoring our house of worship to its original splendor. We salute our Wareham firemen and police for their quick action in saving our church. I am so grateful for all of our parishioners who have prayed for the needs of our parish during this time of sacrifice and patience. We thank all of the greater Wareham community and the churches who offered their prayers and support. We were made aware of how united our community is in time of need. A special thank you to Mr. Chris Borba for his insurance expertise and guidance through the completion of the project. Also, thank you to Mr. Christopher Lyons from RebuildEx and the skilled craftsmen they employ.

I am proud to announce that our church will be reopening in the near future for Liturgical services. Please watch for the announcement of the official date. Later date we will be having a special blessing ceremony to celebrate the completion of our new organ.

Please join us in worship and witness first-hand the fruits of many laborers and God’s goodness to us all!

— Father Antonio L. da Silva, S.D.V., Pastor
St. Patrick Parish, Wareham

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