In Your Prayers

March 9

Rev. Msgr. Henry J. Noon, V.G., Pastor, St. James, New Bedford; Vicar General, 1934-47, 1947

March 12

Rev. Aurelien L. Moreau, Pastor, St. Mathieu, Fall River, 1961
Rev. Adrien E. Bernier, Pastor, St. Mathieu, Fall River, 1989
Rev. George I. Saad, Retired Pastor, Our Lady of Purgutory, New Bedford, 1991

March 16

Rev. Francis J. Maloney. S.T.L., Pastor, St. Mary, North Attleboro, 1957
Rev. Thomas J. Tobin, C.S.C., 2006

March 17

Rev. Henry R. Creighton, SS.CC., 2004
Permanent Deacon Michael E. Murray, 2008
Rev. Bartley MacPhaidin, C.S.C., 2016

March 18

Rev. Robert D. Forand, C.P., West Hartford, Conn., 1989
Permanent Deacon Frank W. Mis, 2011

March 19

Rev. John J. McQuaide, Assistant, St. Mary, Taunton, 1905

March 20

Rev. Francis A. Mrozinski, Pastor, St. Hedwig, New Bedford, 1951
Permanent Deacon Lawrence St. Pierre, 2017

March 22 

Rev. Joseph A. Martins, Assistant, St. John the Baptist, New Bedford, 1940
Rev. James T. Keefe, SS.CC., Chaplain, U.S. Army, 2003
Rev. Francis X. Wallace, Retired, Former Chaplain, U.S. Army, Parochial Vicar, St. Patrick, Falmouth, 2018

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