ECHO members, Cape students welcome special guest speakers

WEST HARWICH, Mass. — At a recent weekly Thursday Reunion of the Encountering Christ in Others, Cape Cod retreat program, Father Ron P. Floyd introduced the group to three magnificent examples of Christ’s light and love.

To honor the feast of the Annunciation, when Mary said yes to Gabriel’s call, Father Floyd invited the special guests to the reunion held at Our Lady of Victory Church in Centerville. 

Father Floyd intrigued the group with his invite: “I can’t tell you anymore than this: one is married to royalty, one was a NCAA Division I quarterback, and one is a singer who just released a hit new album, and they all have one thing in common — but you have got to come to the reunion to find out more.”

The three guests were: Father Joseph Freedy, who is the Vocation director from the Diocese of Pittsburgh; Sister Mary Consulata and Sister Maria Benedetti, both Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Those in attendance learned about the trio’s Spiritual calling and when they realized it was their call and how they answered that call.

All three were beaming when they spoke of the moments they realized they were being called. It made those there that night feel as though you were right there with them when the two Sisters and priest were called. They were so kind to answer the many questions the attendees had always wanted to ask a Sister or priest but never had the opportunity to do so. 

Some of the student’s were surprised to learn that all three religious “didn’t think they were worthy to be called.” Barbara-Anne Foley, rectora for ECHO 308, said to some students when they were surprised by that comment about being worthy: “I was told by someone once, ‘God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips those He calls.’”

The three were visiting the Fall River Diocese on a vocation mission and visited five schools in three days and the ECHO Reunion.

At least two female students in the reunion room are discerning themselves about religious life and Sisters Mary and Maria could not have been more accommodating answering their questions, exchanging information and inviting them to upcoming local events.

ECHO has been active on Cape Cod for 47 years. The Christian retreat program, under the auspices of the Fall River Diocese is open to students in grades 10-12, who are seeking to deepen their faith, enhance their relationship with God, while at the same time learning something about themselves. 

The ECHO program provides six retreat weekends a year, with the Paschal Mystery as the overall theme of each weekend.

ECHO provides its participants with the opportunity to share their beliefs, and experiences in a loving, non-judgmental community. The team members on each weekend are examples of people who have accepted the challenge on the back of the ECHO cross that says “Christ is counting on you.”

In addition to experiencing the ECHO weekend, members of the ECHO community have the opportunity to gather twice weekly at reunions in Mashpee at Christ the King and in Centerville at Our Lady of Victory Church.

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