FALL RIVER — If anything was learned over the last year, it was that the Church, and her mission to spread God’s Word, simply put, will not be denied. Another example is the upcoming annual diocesan Women and Men’s Conference, which will take place March 20 from 1 to 5 p.m.; and like many diocesan events over the last 12 months, it will be virtual. Beth Mahoney, chairperson of the event, told The Anchor, And it’s so important that the diocese be able to gather faithful together in a healthy format to share and pray together. This virtual conference will bring true blessings to the diocese.”
This year’s conference, themed “Father’s Healing Touch,” is open to all, although pre-registration is
required. Also, as in the past, the conference will conclude with a Mass celebrated by Bishop Edgar M. da Cunha, S.D,V. The Mass, which will have limited occupancy, will take place during the usual 4 p.m. Saturday Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Fall River.

recording artist, ValLimar Jansen, a conference favorite who attended the very first conference in 2017.
Jansen’s talk, following the Year of St. Joseph theme, is titled, “Father’s Healing Touch.” “ValLimar’s talk focus on the St. Joseph, the man and role model for fathers,” said Mahoney.
Following Jansen’s presentation, virtual attendees will be broken into pre-determined small groups to discuss and share thoughts about her talk. “We want to keep the groups small, because time is limited and we want everyone in each group to be able to discuss what they got from the talk and share their thoughts,” Mahoney told The Anchor.
Next on the docket will be a Question and Answer session hosted by Jansen and Bishop da Cunha. “Registrants will be able to write questions in a chat room to submit to either of the hosts,” Mahoney explained. “Everyone attending will be able to share in this virtual Q and A.”
The conference will be capped off with Mass at the cathedral. “We are hoping for a pretty decent response,” Mahoney told The Anchor. “We are excited to still be able to offer the conference. It’s important that we gather people from across the diocese to pray during this pandemic. “It will be a blessing to share this Year of St. Joseph together and to prepare ourselves for Easter.”
For more information on the conference and to register for the conference and/or the Mass, visit fallriverdiocese.org.