DIGHTON — Dominican Sister of the Presentation, Sister Tulia Giraldo, celebrated the 70th anniversary of her religious profession on July 10, with a Eucharistic Liturgy in the Chapel of the Dominican Sisters in Dighton.

At 96, Sister Tulia is the eldest Sister in the United States Vice-Province of the Dominican Sisters. 

Dominican Sister Tulia Giraldo, who recently celebrated 70 years of religious life, meditates at the Mary Grotto at the Sister’s home in Dighton. 

Sister Tulia was born in Medellin, Colombia. When she was in school, she was inspired to join the Congregation. She said that there was one Sister in particular who was pious, respectful and dignified. She thought, “I’d like to be like her.” And so, she entered the Congregation.

Sister Tulia served and ministered in Colombia, in Puerto Rico for nine years and at the Marian Manor in Taunton for 14 years. In 1985, Sister was missioned to the Community in Brownsville, Texas where she served for 32 years.

She served at St. Joseph Parish where she comforted the sick, especially the homebound and those in Nursing Homes. She also brought the Eucharist to those who could no longer attend Mass at the Parish.

Sister Tulia also ministered to the poor and marginalized. She went all over Brownsville on foot. Sister Tulia couldn’t go anywhere without running into someone she knew.

In 2017, Sister Tulia returned to Dighton to be with the community there. Her ministry is one of prayer for the needs of the world and the Church. 

Her fellow Sisters and friends offer their gratitude to Sister Tulia for her life of faithful service to the Church wherever the Lord called her.